Lily Velden's Same Page and The Race is On are Twilight Fan Fiction

Same Page - Lily Velden The Race Is On - Lily Velden

These books were posted as the Twilight fan fiction There’s A Crack In Everything under the pen name bellemeer.


Fa Fiction Summary: Breathe is a unique slash story, told entirely from Jasper's POV. Secrets are revealed, both for Jasper and Edward, and you learn about these characters slowly. Edward saves Jasper, twice, from asthma attacks in the forest near his family home. Jasper has retreated to a cottage in Forks, from his previous home in Texas, for reasons that I don't think have fully been explained yet. I feel like this story really gets its wings in chapter 7. I'm going to be honest, I felt like the interaction between Edward and Jasper previous to chapter 7 was slightly awkward; I just didn't feel a real connection between them. I also don't quite get Jasper's shoe fetish and I hope that gets explained at some point. Chapter 10 left us on a cliff and I am honestly eager to see where the author takes this story from here. The boys have only just begun to confess their feelings for each other and act on them. It's not clear if this will be an explicitly dirty story, or if the author intends to keep things on the more modest side, and since this is the first posted tale, there is nothing to perhaps try to compare and gauge. I'll be patient and wait; either way, I suspect it will be worth it.


Copy of Fan Fiction: Available upon request.